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Extra, extra... Read All About It!

Lightning speed... that's how fast word spreads on the internet. Is marketing your brand online as easy as it used to be? It is if you have active social media accounts. In today's society, people turn to Twitter updates on their mobile device or rely on real time status feeds through Facebook Walls to deliver information about the world, business or family. Traditional forms of marketing, although still effective, are changing. Email marketing, blog optimization, and reputation management services are imperative when marketing your brand online.

Viral Marketing is like the flu. Now that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become daily words in our culture's vocab, news spreads like wildfire. Hootsuite and Ping have become stand-bys when updating social media accounts; as writing letters or even emails to family or co-workers become obsolete. Social media isn't necessarily the overbearing 'giant' as some perceive it to be; rather, we like to think of social media as a necessary powerhouse, an imperative piece within an online marketing strategy that everyone needs be embrace, understand and utilize. Let's take the bull by the horns, together. A buzz is a good thing.


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