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Spectacle E-commerce Solutions to Channel the Funnel.

Spectacle is a e-commerce software and custom content management software for customizing, publishing, and/or distributing web-based content. Customers who utilize Spectacle include those in the fields of membership based associations, marketing, printing, and within the packaging and container industry.

How do you know when your digital e-commerce solution is working for you? When your e-commerce solution converts your website visitors into customers, and when integrating your web application solution with your business model is a seamless process. Our digital commerce solutions do just that. Anyone can provide a cookie cutter, template, or 'quick fix' approach - but no one can provide a complete digital commerce solution quite like Gray Digital Marketing, Inc. can. We don't just offer a 'fill in the blank' admin/website, e-commerce back end system. Let's chat about a custom digital e-commerce solution that can be integrated into your fully customizable content management solution.

A digital e-commerce solution needs to go beyond providing just an online store, it needs to help your business operate faster and more effectively to compete in today's online world. Seamless integration and internal usability features are needed to take your organization to the next level in the digital marketplace. Trust proven digital commerce solutions from Gray Digital Marketing, Inc.

We know what it takes to get an e-commerce online store not only fully functional from an Admin standpoint, but also ranked by the search engines and branded online. Let's discuss some ideas today!

Spectacle E-commerce software provides you with:

Let's discuss how we can improve your ordering process, streamline how your business provides your clients with their desired products and enhance the funneling process for better conversion rates!



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