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Spectacle: Digital Commerce Software as a Service (SaaS) To Enhance Your Commerce Online

Spectacle is a Customer Relationship Management Software that effectively  collects, understands, and measures data as it relates to business operations and communicating with customers. Spectacle customers include those in the fields of membership based associations, marketing, printing, and within the packaging and container industry, just to name a few!

With a single software platform uniquely designed to fit the needs of your business, Spectacle is easy to implement and intuitive for your business, providing greater data security than most alternative, template generated, applications. With an e-commerce software solution, custom content management solution (CMS) or complete customer relationship management (CRM) software solution, your team can safely and effectively collaborate across multi-channels using this ‘cloud computing’ software to manage products online, accelerate sales and increase internal productivity all within a fully customizable interface, matching your brand identity.

Accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, Spectacle provides your business with a robust, multi-client tested application to further your digital commerce, enhance your brand and propel your business further into the digital space. Spectacle software is easily adaptable and fully functional to meet the needs of your business model. It is imperative that SaaS not only assist with your day-to-day tasks, but also provide your business with the security that is necessary to stay functional and effective in the ever-changing, digital landscape. Your business is a one of a kind operation. Decline the pretentious and on-going invitations to install a ‘cookie-cutter’ SaaS solution. Instead, demand more. Choose Spectacle Digital Commerce.

Spectacle Ensures:

  • Remote Accessibility Using Advanced User Permissions
  • Custom Mobile + Web Applications
  • Tailored E-commerce Solutions + CMS + CRM Services
  • Maintenance + Troubleshooting
  • Consultation + Customer Services
  • Complete Security Protection
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Reliability

A customizable SaaS will increase your overall functionality as a business, increase productivity, actively and efficiently manage products online and decrease the risk of data lost with greater accessibility and robust online security. Ultimately, enhancing your digital commerce online is the mission of Spectacle. Let’s partner today and discuss what an ideal solution looks like for your business!



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