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The Strategy Behind A Brand's Facade

(posted on February 21, 2011 at 02:45 pm by Sarah)
The Strategy Behind A Brand's Facade

Brands are like people. Brands have shape, size, and yes, even swag. Just like people, a brand's personality may change and evolve over time, but the heart and soul of a true brand stays consistent. Colors, dimensions, fonts, and shadowing all roll into its ‘make-up’, but it’s the strategy behind the facade that is the engine that fuels the presentation.

Properties of a brand, when strategizing, need to be carefully thought about and examined. Determine if the brand is dimensional or flat, fluid in appearance, or bold and rigid in nature. Whether it’s bold, strong, classy, flashy or warm, it is the experience that of which your brand exudes that dictates whether or not it has staying power in the sea of competition. Delivering a positive presentation of your brand is crucial, as it’s the promise of what's to be expected of your business. Just like with people, personalities can change. Brands have that same ability, if they are properly executed. Remember, the vision behind the visual element speaks volumes about an organization.

Be distinctive. Be original. Make sure the logo looks good in all graphic media, from business cards to billboards. Take a peek at this commercial video for Prudential. The rock has revolutionized over the years, but the principal behind the logo has not. You can see why this rock has cleverly been nicknamed, “America’s Most Valuable Rock Collection”, as the rock is the strongest element, dating back to the early 1800’s. Notice how your eye is drawn to the circled logo, and the base of the rock extends, visually, into the ‘P’. This is a great representation both visually and figuratively, of how important and trusted a logo can be, based upon graphical elements. The more you focus on your brand, the stronger the influence it has on its customers.


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