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Move Over Bulky Wallets! Loyalty Card Apps Are Here To Stay

(posted on June 07, 2011 at 09:00 am by Sarah)
Move Over Bulky Wallets! Loyalty Card Apps Are Here To Stay

Are you tired of a bulky wallet, bulging with loyalty cards and gift cards from a year ago that are just waiting to expire? It’s funny – we all do it. We all carry ‘plastic money’ in our purses, wallets and back pockets. But apps such as CardStar are digitally transforming those pesky plastic loyalty cards into something better and more mainstream.

Whether you have cards for drug stores, big retail merchants, discount stores, or to your local wine merchant, just like everything else these days – loyalty cards have gone digital. The CardStar app morphs your smartphone into a portable membership card device. Bulk no more!

With an app to ‘take away the bulk’, this leaves you more space in your trusty wallet for the real important stuff, like licenses, identification cards and credit cards (oh, wait - credit cards went digital too!). CardStar simply creates more space for the important things, while making your shopping experience less stressful.

By logging in with your membership reward number from your loyalty card, CardStar is able to create an on-screen barcode on your phone, enabling cashiers to scan quickly, so that you can get going with your day. If by chance there is a problem with the barcode while scanning, no problem! The app provides customer service phone numbers and a link to other store locations for your convenience. Can it get any better? Yes! CardStar even has a tab on the app, telling users what’s currently on sale, or shows future deals, so you can shop in real time. The goal is to make your shopping a breeze, supply you with current deals, and cut the junk that is currently clogging your wallet. Why sift through old cards that expired last month? Sign into the app, find your retailer and scan the deals with a swipe of your finger. Don’t shop faster, simply shop smarter.

The fact of the matter is that millions of membership cards are printed off every year and if you go to any retailer (large or small), you’ll see a stack of cards to choose from. It will take some time to see whether these plastic-less apps will take off, as the printing business holds great steaks in the plastic card market. For the interim though, check out CardStar and search those retailers that you already have loyalty programs for, sign in and try it out! 


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